Looking for healthy, tasty, gluten-free cooking and marinating sauces?

You’ve found them.

If you liked Marinade Bay sauces, you’ll love Elda’s Kitchen cooking and grilling sauces. They’re great on beef, chicken, fish and more.

Elda’s Kitchen marinades are available in 8 oz. retail size.

Also available in 32 oz. and 64 oz. sizes for the food service industry.

Old Town Foods will help you roll-out your own, unique Elda’s Kitchen healthy, gluten-free cooking and marinating sauces program. 

Elda’s Kitchen – 8 oz.
Black Pepper
Garlic and Herb
Ginger Teriyaki
Honey Ginger & Soy
Hot Wing
Jamaican Jerk
Kentucky Bourbon
Korean Sesame
Spyki Sauce
Theo’s Steakhouse

Elda’s Kitchen – 32 oz.
Peach Habanero
Spyki Sauce (Spicy Candied Teriyaki)
Green Hatch Chili
Fajita Marinade
Sorrento Lemon and Herb

Elda’s Kitchen – 64 oz.
Jala-Hot Jalapeño Hot Wing